CVs that stand out – this will make you smile!

Have you ever thought of presenting your CV in the form of  a cereal box?  One person did, have a look here.

standing out

As we pass the 100th day of lockdown, I thought I would take a more light-hearted approach to my blog writing and provide you with some fun and creative examples of CV writing that made applicants stand out from the crowd.

CVs, on average, are looked at by recruiters for about 7 seconds.  With this in mind, have a look at these examples and see what you think.  What was your first impression? Would you give the applicant an interview? As you will see, it’s all about tailoring your job application to the potential employer.

  1. Social Media Executive, Wagamama – A fantastic lockdown example using social media to gain an interview having missed the deadline.

Just over a week ago, a final year university student wanted to apply for a role as a Social Media Executive at Wagamama. Having creatively prepared her CV, she went to upload it and was devastated to discover that applications were closed.  Instead, she posted it on LinkedIn for all to see – have a look at it here – she has created it in the style of a Wagamama menu.

Following her post on LinkedIn she was offered an interview despite missing the deadline.

  1. Google – The CV that got this man a job at Google

This man cleverly tailored his CV to replicate a Google search results page and was offered the job!  Have a look at it here.

  1. Facebook – The CV that replicates a Facebook profile

This lady didn’t get the job due to a hiring freeze but the director of the company shared her CV because of its brilliance.  Have a look at it here.

Although these might seem extreme, consider how well they tailored their CV to the employer.  It is so important to stand out from the crowd and link your job application to the job you are applying for.  For many jobs, flexibility and using the right tool is key when making applications. Sometimes moving away from the standard 2-page Word document might be just the answer to landing your ideal job.



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