Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching for Individuals

We work with individuals to enable them to achieve success and fulfilment in their careers, guiding them to expand their horizons, realise their true potential and create the life that they desire.



The Benefits of Career Coaching:

  • Increased focus on finding the right career path for you gets results more quickly and easily than doing it alone.
  • Resolving the challenges you face at work reduces feelings of stress and increases the control you have over your career path.
  • Increased confidence in changing career enables you to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding working life.


Coaching Packages

We achieve all this through Tessa’s series of 1:1 tailored coaching programmes, offered throughout the UK and abroad.   These programmes are carefully structured to enable you to make valuable discoveries and pursue the best career path for you.  Read more about our coaching packages here.


Free Introductory Consultation

Contact Tessa Armstrong and she would be happy to discuss your needs in a free consultation. There is no obligation following the call as we understand that you would like to make the best decision for you.  You will also receive a FREE copy of our 30 tips on making a successful career change and getting the job you want.

‘I just wanted to drop you a line with an update … I got the job!  ‘Over the moon’ doesn’t really feel quite strong enough but suffice to say I am very delighted and excited at this opportunity – it just feels the right thing for me – and my family – on every level!  Above all THANK YOU for the huge part you have played in getting me to where I am.’

FO, May 2018

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