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We have been helping individuals at all career stages since 2010. Through Tessa’s carefully created series of structured and focused career coaching programmes, we enable individuals to develop fulfilling and satisfying careers more quickly and easily than doing it alone.

I was in a rut with a job hunt that was going nowhere and I signed up for a six session coaching package with Tessa.  It was a quite transformative experience.  My objective was to find a role for the next 10-20 years.  What I have gained is much better; the coaching vastly improved my confidence and the way that I approach many different aspects of life, not just my career, and it’s Tessa’s style of coaching that is to thank.  She is friendly but firm, focused on the task and – importantly – she doesn’t give many short cuts.  She’ll guide you while you do the work yourself.  I had gone into it wanting answers, but being guided, by an objective and impartial observer, through the process of finding those answers myself made the experience much more valuable.  I highly recommend her (and have recommended her to various friends).”

S.K, London, April 2018



Tessa is an award-winning career coach and an author, successfully coaching individuals through their career difficulties and helping them to progress into fulfilling careers.  She is a specialist in career change, confidence building, job search, returning to work after a career break, performance coaching and career path progression.  She also works with schools providing career and confidence coaching for children and young people. 


We are based near Bath and work throughout the UK including London, Birmingham, Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol.

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