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We have been helping individuals at all career stages since 2010. Through Tessa’s carefully created series of structured and focused career coaching programmes, we enable individuals to develop fulfilling and satisfying careers more quickly and easily than doing it alone.

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“I am so pleased that I signed up to Tessa’s career coaching programme. She has provided me with much-needed direction, support and guidance at a time when I was feeling deflated with where I was in my career and lacking in motivation which was impacting on my well-being and family life. She quickly identified that we needed to focus on strategies to overcome moments of self-doubt and to improve and maintain my well-being in order to help achieve my goal of changing career direction. I found the programme hugely rewarding and beneficial and also challenging at times, particularly in the middle of the programme. However, Tessa kept me focussed on short-term steps as well as my long-term goal and I have recently ended the course with a clear strategy and direction. I cannot thank Tessa enough and I would recommend her whole-heartedly, even if you’re just assessing your career options and next stage in your career.”

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“I committed to a series of sessions with Tessa after being made redundant. At the time I was feeling very anxious, and Tessa helped me recognise how the resulting panic was hindering my attempts to look in a positive way for a new position. Using a combination of reflective and probing questions, and practical suggestions on how to structure my week, we worked together to build my confidence, address the anxieties and think about myself in a more positive way. This really worked, and I became much more effective in my job searches, applications and interviews. I have just been offered a new position, just two days after my last session with Tessa, and had the confidence to negotiate a higher salary and a four day week. The best thing about Tessa’s programme is that I can see how it would work for just about any career-based situation, it’s focused on the individual and how to reset aims, examine objectives, question assumptions and find solutions – whatever the problem.”

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Tessa is a recognised leader in Career Coaching Services.  As an award-winning Accredited Senior Career Coach and author, she successfully coaches individuals through their career difficulties and helps them to progress into fulfilling careers.  She is a specialist in career change, confidence building, job search, returning to work after a career break, performance coaching and career path progression.  She also works with schools providing career and confidence coaching for children and young people. 

We are based near Bath and work throughout the UK including London, Birmingham, Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol.


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