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Hear from a client explaining how coaching with Tessa helped her feel excited about her career in 2021!

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We have been helping individuals at all career stages since 2010. Through Tessa’s carefully created series of structured and focused career coaching programmes, we enable individuals to develop fulfilling and satisfying careers more quickly and easily than doing it alone.

“For two years (if not more) I have dithered between getting a full time job or setting up my own business and what that might be. Tessa has helped me identify what will make me happy and what is important to me.  We have also done a lot of work on identifying my skills and improving my mind set. I have been afraid of committing to any one thing and Tessa has given me the tools to think more clearly and objectively so that I have felt able to make a decision and so that I can be confident in my choice. 

Tessa is very supportive, patient and non-judgemental.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone interested in career coaching.

EL, April 2020


“I started coaching with Tessa as I had been unhappy in my job for a while and wanted to find something else I could do with the skills I already have. I did not want to spend years retraining or take a huge cut in pay.  Tessa enabled me to identify knowledge and skills I hadn’t considered/didn’t know I had and formulate a thorough plan for my future. As a result, I set up my own business during lockdown. It is early days but things are going very well. As tough as the days can be, it does not feel like “work” and I no longer dread getting out of bed in the mornings.” 

Liz, 27 July 2020


Tessa is a recognised leader in Career Coaching Services.  As an award-winning career coach and author, she successfully coaches individuals through their career difficulties and helps them to progress into fulfilling careers.  She is a specialist in career change, confidence building, job search, returning to work after a career break, performance coaching and career path progression.  She also works with schools providing career and confidence coaching for children and young people. 

We are based near Bath and work throughout the UK including London, Birmingham, Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol.

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