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Tessa Armstrong

Award-Winning Accredited Senior Career Coach (IAPC&M) and author of ‘The Tea Model: Slowing down in a fast-paced world to find the career you love’


Tessa has recently been awarded ‘Best Career Coaching & Development Services Provider 2022’ in the Corporate Excellence Awards and ‘Career Coaching Service of the Year 2021’ with Corporate Live Wire, specialising in helping individuals to achieve the best career path for them, enabling them to progress into fulfilling careers.  She covers all aspects of career coaching (including self-awareness/confidence, career change, job search, returning to work, career break, performance and career path progression).  She is author of ‘The Tea Model: Slowing down in a fast-paced world to find the career you love’ and her award-winning career blog also provides guidance for all challenges experienced in the workplace and during people’s careers.

Tessa has created a series of successful career coaching programmes which have developed through her experience in enabling individuals to overcome challenges they face in their career and feel confident about their career choices. These programmes are carefully structured to enable each individual to make valuable discoveries and pursue fulfilling and rewarding career paths.

Tessa’s passion for coaching developed from her unique career path as a solicitor, working for a top 10 national charity and establishing her own business. She is an Accredited Senior Coach, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, trained in NLP and has been recognised for her work having been awarded ‘Best Career Coaching & Development Services Provider 2022’, ‘Best Career Coaching Service Provider 2021’, ‘Recognised Leader in Career Coaching Services, 2020, UK’ and ‘Leading Coach from Wiltshire, 2018’ in the Corporate Excellence Awards by CV Magazine.  She is also a founder of Voices for Life, a children’s wellbeing and charity to inspire children to be happy and confident and is a Thrive Emotional Health Practitioner (childhood years).   

Her clients include lawyers, teachers (primary and secondary), accountants, web developers, charity fundraisers, managing directors, business owners as well as those from the publishing industry, production companies, property development, marketing, PR, administration, management, the housing industry, the banking and finance sectors, the education sector and schools.   She is featured in well-known publications including the Law Gazette and the Life Coach Directory Happiful Magazine and provides group seminars and talks. More recently, she has taken part in podcasts and round table discussions with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring.

Her positive focus, dedication and passion ensure that her clients get the maximum benefit from career coaching straightaway and develop their chosen career path more quickly and easily than doing it alone.

“For two years (if not more) I have dithered between getting a full time job or setting up my own business and what that might be. Tessa has helped me identify what will make me happy and what is important to me.  We have also done a lot of work on identifying my skills and improving my mind set. I have been afraid of committing to any one thing and Tessa has given me the tools to think more clearly and objectively so that I have felt able to make a decision and so that I can be confident in my choice. 

Tessa is very supportive, patient and non-judgemental.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone interested in career coaching.

EL, April 2020


corporate-vision-award-2022 Winner of the Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

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TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpg   Recognised as  Leading Coach from Wiltshire 2018 by CV Magazine

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Positive Psychology Certificate 23.01.2020Tessa Armstrong – Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner 01_23_2020

Tessa Armstrong Thrive Certifcate Emotional Health Practitioner (childhood years), Thrive

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