How to succeed in self-employment

Taking greater pride in your work to achieve business growth

Achieving business growth is currently your number one priority and taking pride in what you do can help you achieve this.

Have you ever thought about the difference taking pride in your work can make to the success of your business? You probably find that you are often too busy to even think about this and have more pressing needs to address. This is perfectly understandable, especially in this tough economic climate. However, the economic climate is an even bigger reason to ensure that you are taking pride in everything you do to enable you to sustain the momentum and motivation required to achieve.

Some of the best things you could achieve include:

  • Increased business growth more quickly as you become more focused.
  • Greater business and personal opportunities following achievement of aspirations.

All you need to do is ensure you keep your vision at the front of your mind and take pride in achieving each step towards meeting it. This will keep you going when nothing else will.

So take the opportunity now to ask yourself where you see your business in the future and the reason you want to fulfil this aspiration. Write this down and refer to it daily. Make it your screensaver on your computer! Write it on a post-it note and stick it to your mirror! Is it written at the beginning of your business plan? Ensure you give yourself the opportunity to see it every day.

Now think about what you are willing to go through to make your vision happen. What are the challenges you will have to overcome? Write these down too. Perhaps you need to give a presentation and public speaking is not your favourite past time. You may need to invest in further training or products. Once you can identify all the challenges you may face, they will be a lot easier to overcome and you will now be able to see beyond them.

‘If you don’t climb the mountain, you can’t see the view.’

Remind yourself of your vision each day and take pride in achieving it! You will then discover how taking greater pride in your work can help you to achieve business growth.

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