How to Find a Job After Redundancy


Redundancy can be a gloomy and worrying time. If you have been made redundant, you are likely to have many questions spinning around in your head such as:

Where is the money going to come from? What shall I do for a job? How long will it take to find a job? How will this affect my career progression? Is this the time to think about a career change? How can I regain my confidence?

To find the answers to these questions as quickly as possible, take some time now to make an action plan. The next few weeks or months may seem overwhelming and it is important that you move forward in the best way possible. Here are a few tips to consider when preparing your plan:

  1.  Give yourself time and space  Allow yourself time to get used to the idea. Your job is likely to have been a large part of your life and you now have to face some changes ahead. Use your friends and family for support.
  2. Review your finances What is your redundancy package? How much money do you need to meet your outgoings?   Can you cut back on your monthly outgoings?
  3. Consider your career options Perhaps you have been thinking about pursuing a career change or career break for a while. Can this be the opportunity you were looking for?
  4. Update your CV Review your key qualities, skills and recent achievements and ensure they are included on your CV. Have a read of my blog on writing a successful CV here.
  5. Use your networks This is the time to start touching base with all your contacts. Consider who you know from previous jobs, training and courses as well as through your friendship group.
  6. Contact 2 or 3 recruitment consultants Register with a couple of recruitment agencies to increase your job search.
  7. Make speculative approaches Make some speculative approaches to organisations of interest to gain accurate information about your job market.  
  8. Career Coaching This may be a good option to help you move forward.
  9. Exercise Ensure you spend some time each day doing some form of exercise. This will give you the energy you need to progress your job search.
  10. Relax Allow yourself time every day to relax and to do something you enjoy.


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