How does career coaching work?


Professional career coaching enables individuals to identify satisfying career options which are best suited to their personality and supports individuals in making the changes they want to make.

Many people struggle to find the best career for them and spend hours searching on the internet, signing up with recruitment agencies and scanning job vacancies in search of their ideal job. This is all time consuming and can often be de-motivating when the ideal job does not appear.

Tessa provides skilled coaching programmes which allow individuals to take control of their working life and find the answers which enable them to drive forward a fulfilling and rewarding career. Through the use of coaching models, she will enable you to assess and develop your skills, knowledge and behaviours to accelerate the discovery of suitable career options and support and motivate you in making the changes you have chosen to make.

Overview diagram

The coaching relationship is a great way to move from where you are to where you want to be, more quickly and easily than doing it alone. 

“I was in a rut with a job hunt that was going nowhere, and I signed up for a six-session coaching package with Tessa.  It was a quite transformative experience.  My objective was to find a role for the next 10-20 years.  What I have gained is much better; the coaching vastly improved my confidence and the way that I approach many different aspects of life, not just my career, and it’s Tessa’s style of coaching that is to thank.  She is friendly but firm, focused on the task and – importantly – she doesn’t give many short cuts.  She’ll guide you while you do the work yourself.  I had gone into it wanting answers, but being guided, by an objective and impartial observer, through the process of finding those answers myself made the experience much more valuable.  I highly recommend her (and have recommended her to various friends).”

S.K, London, April 2018