Lawyers and Careers

Free Resources for Lawyers

Here are some useful career resources for lawyers and those working in the legal sector.

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgCareer Options for Lawyers to Consider

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgChanging Legal Specialism in the Legal Sector

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgChanging legal Specialism vs Career Change in Law

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgCareer Change from Law – Do I have to retrain?

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgTransferrable Skills for Lawyers

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgAlternative Careers for Lawyers

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgOvercoming Challenges at Work for Lawyers

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgPerfectionism and Stress – Lawyers

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgAchieving a great career for lawyers!

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpgDealing with difficult clients in law


How can coaching help me find fulfilment and satisfaction in my career?

If you are struggling to work out the next steps of your legal career or wondering whether a career change is right for you, we offer career coaching programmes for lawyers to help you move forward.  Click below for more information.

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpg Career coaching for lawyers