Career Planning for Working Mums

How to plan you career as a Mum returning to work

Imagine being able to achieve the career you have always wanted and dedicate time to your family….

Prior to starting a family, you had control of your career. You could work long hours if required. You could apply for the perfect job that suited you. You could go out after work without a thought. You could even go home and chill out on the sofa after a bad day at work!

You then became a Mum….

A new bundle of joy entered your life and, as you settled into maternity leave, work became a distant thought as you used the time instead to start adapting to your new life with your little one.

However, as the end of your maternity leave approaches, the reality starts to sink in as you begin to think about returning to work. Things are different now. Priorities have changed and there is a little person now controlling your time.

How will you be able to control your career when you have your family to think about as well? Who will be doing childcare drop off and pick up? Who will be available if your child is unwell? Who is going to do the cooking, cleaning, shopping and feeding?

It can all be quite daunting for many Mums who also want to continue working and achieve the career they always wished for.

So, how can you achieve your desired career and dedicate time to your family?

The 10-year plan

My advice is to sit down with a cup of tea (and a slice of cake!), and start preparing your 10-year career plan.

10 year goal – What do you want to be doing in 10 years? Your child will be starting secondary school so you will have much more time to dedicate to your career.

4 to 5 year goal – What can you do that helps you work towards your 10-year goal? Your child will be starting primary school so you will have more time available.

1 to 2 year goal – What can you realistically achieve around your childcare options? Perhaps you can start building a portfolio career to help you progress towards your 10 year plan? (portfolio career)

Now – What can you do to start preparing the way for your career path? Networking? Voluntary work? Self-employment? Do you want to start/continue part or full time work?

It is possible to create the career you desire around your family commitments. It just may take a little more time and planning than you expected so make sure you always keep your end goal in sight (and remember to look after yourself!).

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