How to Change Career


Are you one of the many people wondering whether a career change is right for you and have perhaps been searching endlessly on the internet for the answer? If so, this fact sheet is to help you discover how you can find the winning answer and make the best career choice for you.

It is not uncommon for individuals to consider a career change when they are feeling dissatisfied at work. In these circumstances, it is really important for you to assess what you would like your career to include and whether a new career is the answer. Here are 5 steps you can take to assist in making your decision:

1. Who am I? 

Have a think about what you would like your career to include:

  • What skills are you good at?
  • What roles and working environments suit you?


  • Think of what you were doing at times when you were really motivated.
  • It may be easier to start by considering what you don’t want your career to include. Then decide what you want it to include instead.  

2. Ideas

Write a long list of career and job ideas.   Use the index of a book on careers to assist as well as career websites. Remember to include your current role or profession.  

3. Realistic options

Start identifying careers and jobs from your list in step 2 which would best match your skills and motivations identified in step 1. These will be the first careers and jobs for you to investigate.

4. Investigation

Identify relevant professionals and organisations associated with the careers and jobs identified in step 3. Investigate sources of vacancies and start networking to find out more about these roles. Use our networking factsheet to assist. Ask people doing these roles what they like best/least about them and how they got into that role.

5. Decision time

Evaluate your best options to enable you to make an informed decision about whether a career change is right for you. If you discover your current role is still a good option for you, it may be that you now need to review what was stopping you from enjoying this role when you were considering a career change.

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