A Client’s Career Coaching Experience with Tessa Armstrong

Hear from a client explaining how coaching with Tessa Armstrong helped her feel excited about her career in 2021!


Find out how Managing Director Simon benefited from coaching with Tessa Armstrong 

Simon Albert is Owner and Managing Director of Charity Challenge. Charity Challenge operates around 100 overseas adventure challenges each year including treks, bike rides and mountain climbs throughout the world to raise vital funds for charity. His company has raised over £50 million for more than 1800 charities. It also organised the high profile Red Nose Day Kilimanjaro climb with Gary Barlow and friends.

Hi Simon, please can you initially tell us what attracted you to coaching?

The opportunity to have coaching with Tessa came at a perfect time for me as I had been thinking for a while that I needed to reassess my work-life balance. Running your own business is hard work and it can be difficult to switch off. We have challenges taking place in different time zones all over the world and so I may be called upon at any time to sort out problems. I knew that being able to successfully address my work-life balance on my own was going to be difficult and that coaching would be an extremely useful and productive resource which would give me the best chance of succeeding.

What were your coaching expectations?

I wanted some guidance and direction on setting myself realistic goals in my personal life and on how to achieve those goals whilst maintaining focus on my business. I also wanted to develop a clear perspective on where I was at and where I wanted to be.

Were your expectations met?

My expectations were exceeded. Tessa really helped me to explore certain topics and bring to the surface some real gems of self-awareness, often without me realising she was doing it. She helped me to get my head around the most important aspects of my life to pursue and work on and to develop a realistic action plan to achieve those things. Life includes more than just work and, as a result of our regular coaching sessions I am now able to better prioritise what is important to me in life.

Have you any other comments about coaching?

Coaching with Tessa had helped me to make significant changes in my life to balance my work and life. Having the opportunity to speak to someone who is completely independent and can remain objective enabled me to develop a clearer perspective on all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend it!

Thank you Simon!

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