How Tessa’s Tea Model helps you to find the career you love


The Tea Model is a structured process established by Tessa Armstrong, Accredited Career Coach and author, to help you create a career that suits you and you will love. 

Are you struggling to achieve a good work-life balance as you attempt to navigate the increasing demands and complexity of the world of work?

Are you wondering whether a career change is right for you, or wishing to return to work after a break, and searching endlessly on the internet for the answer?

In three stages, The Tea Model will help you to create a career that suits you and makes you happy.

Tea Model diagram.JPG

In Stage 1 you will focus on the most important person in this process (you!). This stage will help you to overcome any negativity that you may be feeling, develop a positive approach to your job search and establish a thorough understanding of your skills, aspirations, values and motivations to ensure you find the best career for you. Stage 2 will take you through the process of pursuing a detailed exploration of career opportunities and realistic options so that in Stage 3 you can ultimately make the best decision regarding your future career and create a detailed action plan to develop your chosen path.

Whether you are wanting to make a career change, review the suitability of your current job or find a new job, Tessa has used this approach for many years within her career coaching programmes and it works.  Tessa’s programme has enabled many individuals to pursue satisfying and fulfilling careers leaving them feeling happy, motivated and fulfilled.

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Tea Model

“I approached Tessa for coaching because I had started to think about life after a career in law and thought I had absolutely no idea what I could do instead. I felt stuck because I knew I wanted change, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. I realised from Tessa’s website that she had taken the plunge (leaving law) and I thought she may be able to help guide me through this.

Speaking to Tessa made me realise that I have learned many transferable skills as a lawyer which may be equally valuable in a non-legal setting. Tessa very quickly picked up on my interest in health and fitness/well-being and encouraged me to explore how I may combine my skills with my interests and turn this into an alternative career. She encouraged me to find my imagination which I realised I’d buried and create a vision. She helped me to set goals and work out practical ways to achieve them. Tessa has given me the tools to network and seek out opportunities.

Thanks to my work with Tessa, I now feel I have the confidence to leave law and to start a new career which meets my values. She may not know it but speaking to Tessa has also helped me to think about my non-work life goals and how to achieve them and I am in the process of making changes in a number of aspects of my life, not only my career. Without Tessa’s guidance, I think I would still be feeling stuck, unable to move forward with my career and consequently unable to make progress in other areas of my life. Thank you Tessa!”

Amy, November 2019