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“I am so pleased that I signed up to Tessa’s career coaching programme. She has provided me with much-needed direction, support and guidance at a time when I was feeling deflated with where I was in my career and lacking in motivation which was impacting on my well-being and family life. She quickly identified that we needed to focus on strategies to overcome moments of self-doubt and to improve and maintain my well-being in order to help achieve my goal of changing career direction. I found the programme hugely rewarding and beneficial and also challenging at times, particularly in the middle of the programme. However, Tessa kept me focussed on short-term steps as well as my long-term goal and I have recently ended the course with a clear strategy and direction. I cannot thank Tessa enough and I would recommend her whole-heartedly, even if you’re just assessing your career options and next stage in your career.”

Victoria 27.05.21


“I committed to a series of sessions with Tessa after being made redundant. At the time I was feeling very anxious, and Tessa helped me recognise how the resulting panic was hindering my attempts to look in a positive way for a new position. Using a combination of reflective and probing questions, and practical suggestions on how to structure my week, we worked together to build my confidence, address the anxieties and think about myself in a more positive way. This really worked, and I became much more effective in my job searches, applications and interviews. I have just been offered a new position, just two days after my last session with Tessa, and had the confidence to negotiate a higher salary and a four day week. The best thing about Tessa’s programme is that I can see how it would work for just about any career-based situation, it’s focused on the individual and how to reset aims, examine objectives, question assumptions and find solutions – whatever the problem.”

Joanne, 13.02.21


“Thank you so much again for all the support, guidance and confidence you have given me over the past few months. I’ve really enjoyed the process- it’s been incredibly helpful and has made such a  positive change to how I am feeling about my future career plans.”

Anonymous 7.01.21


‘Tessa has offered me a very worthwhile coaching experience. After changing my employment due to having children and now with the prospect of them both attending school. I felt motivated to go out to work but I wanted to clarify my career path. I also had long term indecision about a future dream job as an alternative therapy practitioner.

Tessa’s strategy enabled me to keep focused and get clear about my interests, work experience and potential employment. She has coached me to uncover unhelpful long held beliefs/ thought patterns holding me back and given me solutions to work with. From a number of interests we have identified a subject I am passionate about and is a viable, exciting career option.

I have now secured casual employment with a wildlife organisation and booked my place on a naturopathic course. I feel confident in the direction that my career path is unfolding. I highly recommend Tessa’s coaching package’.

Anonymous 18.12.2020

“Hi Tessa, I thought I should update you on my interview I had last week. I have received a job offer!  Absolutely beaming and really proud of myself and I will be starting hopefully in the new year. Couldn’t be happier!”

Matthew Williams, 16 November 2020


“I started coaching with Tessa as I had been unhappy in my job for a while and wanted to find something else I could do with the skills I already have. I did not want to spend years retraining or take a huge cut in pay.  Tessa enabled me to identify knowledge and skills I hadn’t considered/didn’t know I had and formulate a thorough plan for my future. As a result, I set up my own business during lockdown. It is early days but things are going very well. As tough as the days can be, it does not feel like “work” and I no longer dread getting out of bed in the mornings.”

Liz, 27 July 2020


‘For two years (if not more) I have dithered between getting a full time job or setting up my own business and what that might be.  Tessa has helped me identify what will make me happy and what is important to me.  We have also done a lot of work on identifying my skills and improving my mind set.  I have been afraid of committing to any one thing and Tessa has given me the tools to think more clearly and objectively so that I have felt able to make a decision and so that I can be confident in my choice.

She is very supportive, patient and non-judgemental.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone interested in career coaching.’

EL, Wiltshire, April 2020


‘The issue that brought me to coaching was a feeling of not knowing which way to take my job search and a desire to try and get some clarity having read so many different self-help books and information on the internet. I didn’t know where to start and or what to do next so wanted some direction.

Coaching broke down my skills and helped me identify what I was good at and that I needed to concentrate on the positives. My biggest failing is worrying about ‘what if’ and having an (unconscious) negativity to my approach. The coaching helped me to identify it. The next step is to try to overcome it and I can now identify when I am being negative and have the tools to be able to overcome some of those traits. I have also learned more about myself and my skills which I can use to look for new career opportunities.’

RC, March 2020


‘My career was not moving in a positive direction, and I had been feeling unhappy after two redundancies I experienced in less than one year. And whilst the redundancies were out of my control, they were a further negative impact on advancing my career, so thought that career coaching would help me see things more clearly.

Working with Tessa was far more than I thought it would be. I am still a work in progress, but she helped me see some underlying patterns of thinking that were having a negative impact on my moving forward. She also provided me with a systematic process of looking at career options and how to move forward to achieve them.  I have found a new role with a great company and I am studying in order to bring about the change I want to see in my career. I also feel more confident that I can better handle any bumps in the road…and there are always bumps in the road!

Kate G, April 2019


‘I just wanted to drop you a line with an update … I got the job!  ‘Over the moon’ doesn’t really feel quite strong enough but suffice to say I am very delighted and excited at this opportunity – it just feels the right thing for me – and my family – on every level!  Above all THANK YOU for the huge part you have played in getting me to where I am.’

FO, April 2018


‘I was in a rut with a job hunt that was going nowhere and I signed up for a six session coaching package with Tessa.  It was a quite transformative experience.  My objective was to find a role for the next 10-20 years.  I haven’t found that but what I have gained is much better; the coaching vastly improved my confidence and the way that I approach many different aspects of life, not just my career, and it’s Tessa’s style of coaching that is to thank.  She is friendly but firm, focused on the task and – importantly – she doesn’t give many short cuts.  She’ll guide you while you do the work yourself.  I had gone into it wanting answers, but being guided, by an objective and impartial observer, through the process of finding those answers myself made the experience much more valuable.  I highly recommend her (and have recommended her to various friends).’

S.K, London, April 2018

‘Tessa coached me through a difficult crossroads in my legal career. I thoroughly recommend her as a coach. Her approach to coaching is sympathetic and supportive but at the same time realistic and commercial. There are times when it is extremely helpful to have somebody objective to support you and at times like that Tessa has the skills needed to help.’

Anonymous, January 2016

I have worked with Tessa for some time, with regular coaching sessions. She has a very useful knack of helping me to really explore certain topics without realising I am doing it, and bring to the surface some real gems of self-awareness. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tessa and hope to continue on this journey of self-discovery for some time to come.

Simon Albert, Managing Director, Charity Challenge, 2011

‘Working with Tessa has changed my life for the better. The sessions were well delivered, usefully structured, and friendly in tone. What I found most useful was the ability and confidence Tessa gave me to challenge myself. With searching questions and reflective exercises, I got to know myself better, and was therefore able to prioritise what was important to me in life. Having made some important decisions, Tessa helped me make a plan of action. I now have a set of techniques to use again and again at life’s crossroad moments. Thank you!’

Andy Lyon, February 2012

‘For the last year or so I had been questioning my career choices, those already taken and what lies ahead. I soon came to the conclusion that what looked like ‘career choices’ had actually been a series of events that lead me onto a certain path without much particular thought or direction.

Following a decision to move to New Zealand my ‘career choices’ and future direction started to nag at me more intensely. Then the opportunity to take part in some Career Coaching with Tessa came along and the timing couldn’t have been better! Having worked with Tessa in the past I knew that she would look at my individual situation and guide me through what would no doubt be a challenging process with dedication and careful thought.

When I started my first session with Tessa I had no idea what I wanted to do – I could have come to the conclusion that I wanted to be anything, quite a liberating experience! Following my first session with Tessa I left ‘on a high’ – I felt like I was finally putting the thought, time and consideration needed into my career and I knew that as long as I took the process seriously both in and out of our sessions I would make progress and finally come to some conclusions.

I’m not going to pretend that Career Coaching has been an easy process to go through – surely anything that makes you seriously think about and analyse your decisions, actions and choices in life is going to be challenging BUT when you finally make that breakthrough, which you will, it is a truly amazing feeling! Even once having made that breakthrough Tessa helped me define that further, we even came up with a Career Vision something I never thought I would have, and went onto look at ways of making my vision a reality.

For me personally, Career Coaching with Tessa has been an invaluable and life changing experience – I realise that sounds a little bit dramatic but when you finally know what you want to do and can now go after it with focus, direction and passion, it can truly change your life.’

Julie K Pilgrim, 2010 


‘Thank you so much Tessa. I really feel that I have benefitted from having coaching with you.  It has been my light at the end of the tunnel during this time and in that way came at the perfect time.’

FM July 2016

I wanted to let you know that the outcome of my recent presentations has been, with your help, a positive one. It’s interesting how small thought adjustments can make such a positive impact, and you’ve proven this over two scenarios now.

Thanks for the time you’ve invested over the last year – I’ve found the sessions really helpful, so don’t doubt that I’ll be in touch in the future.’

Daniel, October 2012


‘Looking for a brand new career seemed daunting and I thought it might feel like a chore, but after my phone sessions with Tessa I felt really energised and excited about all the possibilities open to me.

Tessa asked me exactly the right questions to guide me towards devising my own strategy for finding a new job, and helped me break it up into manageable and achievable chunks. Sometimes I feel that looking after my kids and day to day life gets in the way but knowing that someone will be regularly ‘checking in with you’ is very motivating and really helps me to focus.

Importantly Tessa demonstrated how important networking is to get real hands on experience, and she gave me the confidence to use the contacts I already have.’

Mrs S Poore, 2010


‘When I started Life Coaching with Tessa I just had the seed of a business idea in my head. With Tessa’s coaching I have managed to get my idea out of my head and onto paper. We have worked through my confidence issues; planning and practical issues, have set clear goals for the business and really cleared the way for me to give it the best go possible.

I still have a long way to go, but Tessa has allowed me to get through the crucial first stages and give me a real focus on what I want to get out of my life and how I want to go about it. I really don’t believe I would be at this stage without her.’

Freya Marshall, 2010


‘Tessa, a big thank you for all your support and help in my job hunt. I thought I’d put my first sensible pay check in years to good use!’

Louise, February 2013

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