Job Search Strategies


The most successful job seekers use a variety of job search strategies to give them the best chance of securing the right job for them. Here are some resources you can use to expand and enhance your job search:





Before you start looking for a job clearly define what you want and prepare your job search strategy to ensure you allocate yourself enough time for your job search. Remember to remain positive.
CV and Covering letter Tailor your CV and covering letter to each job specification.
Networking Networking is the best way to find a job. It enables you to discover further contacts – you never know who may be able to help you with your job search. Read my top tips.
LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the most useful and powerful resources for professionals to network, get resources and build relationships with potential employees.

Recruiters also use LinkedIn to recruit talent.

 Specialist interest groups and professional organisations


Join relevant interest groups and professional organisations to expand your network and ensure you keep up to date with the industry and have access to job listings. E.g. LinkedIn groups.


Speculative Approaches


Target potential employees for opportunities. Send a tailored letter and CV directly to the person who makes the hiring decisions.


Employer websites


Many companies post job vacancies on their website.
Recruitment agencies Focus on agencies specialising in your target area and working with companies of interest.
 Advertisements Look out for job advertisements online and in print.
Job Banks/CV Banks Focus on sites where your target companies are seeking candidates.

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