Career Coaching for Lawyers

Career Coaching for Lawyers and Solicitors


Are you struggling working out the next steps of your legal career?  Are you feeling really stressed at work?  Are you wondering whether a career change or change in specialism is the right thing for you?

We provide specialist career coaching programmes for lawyers and solicitors to help improve their job satisfaction by enabling them to become more confident, motivated and focused on what they want to achieve in their career in law or outside of law.

“I signed up for the 6 session Career Advancement Coaching Programme with Tessa in October. This proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. Tessa very quickly helped me identify my knowledge and skill set and to put a structure in place to help me work out the best career for me that worked in terms of my health condition and career. During the sessions, Tessa helped build my confidence and to explore different career opportunities and realistic options. With her help and guidance, I have already managed to secure a position which ticks all the boxes. I now feel much more confident and look forward to starting my new role in the new year.”  

RB, 14.12.2020 

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How will Career Coaching for Lawyers help me?

We can help you:

  • Understand how you can pursue a satisfying and fulfilling career through an enhanced appreciation of your skills, interests and knowledge.
  • Develop a positive approach to your job search through a detailed exploration of career opportunities.  This may be within your chosen specialism or through a career change from the law or a change in legal specialism.
  • Control over your legal career  and resolution of the challenges you face at work reducing feelings of stress and increasing your confidence as you gain control over the direction of your career path.
  • Experience a better work and life balance.

Tessa Armstrong’s success is built on her specialist knowledge of the legal sector.  Having practised as a solicitor, she understands that you have invested a lot of time, money and energy in your career in law and can provide objective support, guidance and assistance.

What Career Coaching Programmes are available? 

We offer individually tailored career coaching programmes for lawyers which have helped many solicitors and lawyers pursue fulfilling and satisfying careers.   These programmes are carefully structured to meet and support your needs at whatever stage of your career. Click on the links below for a summary of our career coaching programmes.


Career Change Coaching for Lawyers


Career Advancement Coaching for Lawyers


Changing Legal Specialism Coaching for Lawyers


Performance and Confidence at Work Coaching for Lawyers

How will I know career coaching will suit me and which programme is best for me?

Contact Tessa Armstrong now using the link below and she would be happy to discuss your needs in a free career coaching consultation and provide more detail about how her career coaching programmes can help you. There is no obligation following the call as we understand that you need to make the best career-related decision for you.

TAA_Labyrinth_Small_306.jpg Free Career Coaching Consultation for Lawyers