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Career Coaching Services for Solicitors and Lawyers

We provide professional career coaching programmes to help solicitors and lawyers improve their job satisfaction by enabling them to become more confident, motivated and focused on what they want to achieve in their career in law or outside of law.


You will achieve:

  • Identification of your desired career path, more quickly and easily than doing it alone.
  • Reduced stress at work.
  • Control over your legal career and resolution of the challenges you face.
  • A work and life balance.

You will gain:

  • Career template of sellable skills/interests.
  • Successful career development techniques.
  • Extensive knowledge of suitable career development opportunities within and outside the law.
  • Specialist job search support.


Coaching Programmes

We achieve all this through our fantastic range of 1:1 tailored coaching programmes for solicitors and lawyers, offered throughout the UK and abroad.

 You may be:

Tessa Armstrong’s success is built on her specialist knowledge of the legal sector.  Having practised as a solicitor, she understands that you have invested a lot of time, money and energy in your career in law and can provide objective support, guidance and assistance.



Contact Tessa and she would be happy to discuss your needs in a free consultation. There is no obligation following the call as we understand that you would like to make the best decision for you.

Coaching can take place over the telephone, Skype or in person.


‘I have done what I said I would do as the next stage in my career and moved in-house. I ended up with 3 offers so it was worth it in the end! It was a really good experience to go through and has improved my confidence. I have done a couple of days in my new job and I am really enjoying it.’
KM, Solicitor, November 2013


We can help solicitors and lawyers maximise their career development opportunities


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