Brexit has triggered an explosion of emotions over the past week. On Friday 24th June it was announced that 52% of the UK had voted to leave the European Union. This meant that 48% did not want to leave and it is these 48% who are feeling shocked, angry and confused.

This result has triggered a reaction that has exposed us all to an intense build-up of negative emotion. It is surrounding us in everyday conversation and on the news. My Facebook thread has been dominated by unhappy and angry posts written by family and friends who feel really passionate about our country and care about what happens to our future. Through no choice of their own, the change and uncertainty which lies ahead has caused them, as well as millions of others, to feel fearful.

However, it is this fear that makes individuals feel even more out of control and anxious about their future. It is this fear that stops individuals from achieving the things they want to achieve. It is this fear that causes unhappiness.

I have already seen the impact this is having on some individuals and feel really sad about this. This is why I was so relieved to read Dr Rebecca Edwards’ recent post on Facebook. Rebecca is a very good friend of mine and extremely committed to her political views. This is her request:

‘If today you are feeling outraged, harness that energy and get involved in politics. There is great political uncertainty ahead, with changes in leadership in our political parties certain and a general election in Autumn most likely. We need people to step up and act as our representatives and for many more voices to be heard. Join a political party (even if it needs changing from within), write an informed blog piece, take part in a protest, deliver some leaflets or talk to a neighbour about why your viewpoint matters. Let’s take politics back.’

My request is similar. I now challenge you to decide what your positive beliefs are in reaction to Brexit and to start acting on these beliefs to move you forward towards an inspiring future. It may be a change to your personal life, it may be a career move or it may be, as Rebecca suggests, a political move. No matter how big or small, start making positive changes.

Some of you may now be thinking I am being unrealistic and there is nothing you can do anyway.  Yes, it probably feels like everyone is being unrealistic at the moment and there is not much happening to spur us on. However, isn’t the negative climate we are currently living in an even bigger reason to be driving yourself forward?

Being positive is the foundation for making good decisions, taking action and becoming top of your game. Please take action and create a fulfilling life for yourself.

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