Six ways to find career happiness


Do you long to be able to say ‘I LOVE MY JOB’?

Do you want to be able to respond with passion and excitement to the frequently asked question ‘What do you do?’.

Do you want to enjoy Monday mornings and feel relaxed on Sunday evenings?

Are you so fed up at work that even answering these questions has made you feel depressed? You actually dread Monday mornings and feel full of anxiety on Sunday evenings.

Feeling miserable at work is really tough. It impacts your career, as you become increasingly disengaged with work, and your home life becomes a struggle too. We don’t want to feel like this but often we do not know how to make it better. How do we find a career that makes us happy?

Let me tell how….

You will find six action points below which will help you to find a career that makes you happy. Please take time to go through each step. Remember, it is a process that cannot be completed overnight. It will take time but will be worth it. 

  1. You – take time to think about you. What do you enjoy doing and what interests you? Think of times when you felt really motivated and fulfilled – what were you doing? Be as specific as you can. You want a career that takes advantage of these skills, strengths and interests.
  2. Your personality – Work out what kind of working environment would best suit you? Do you like going to the office each day or do you prefer being out and about? What makes you feel happy and comfortable?
  3. Your money – We are often preoccupied with how much we are earning and make this our primary focus in a career search. We all need money but how much do you really need to be happy?   Do not let salary solely dictate your career path. Decide on a realistic salary band. Remember some of the top 20 most satisfying careers are the lowest paid.
  4. Your vision – Having progressed through points 1- 3, now think about your first day in your ideal job. What are you doing? Who do you meet? Where are you? Who do you talk to? How are you feeling? What skills are you using? Focusing on the detail will make action five easier to achieve.
  5. Your investigations – spend time researching opportunities that you believe closely match your vision. Talk to people. Do some work experience. Keep asking questions and discovering what makes you happy.
  6. Your plan – Start making decisions and create an action plan to find the job you love.

These actions may require taking a step into the unknown. However, they will give you the best chance of finding the job that you love whilst providing your work-life balance with a happy boost.

Remember it is YOUR career – it is about YOU and what makes YOU happy.

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