Five ways to achieve as a perfectionist


‘A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.’ (Albert Einstein)

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you set yourself standards so high that they are almost impossible to reach? Do you frequently feel disappointed with yourself for not being able to meet the standards you set? Do you worry about what other people would say? Do you view mistakes as failure?

If you answer yes to these questions, you may be a perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist, does not lead to perfection….

A perfectionist sets themselves extremely high standards which are usually unattainable. Furthermore, when they don’t achieve perfection, they can spend a large amount of time criticising their efforts leading to feelings of frustration, anxiety and exhaustion. Their unattainable high standards rarely lead to perfection but instead lead to feelings of not being good enough and a fear of failure which can ultimately stop them from achieving what they want to achieve.

Does this sound familiar? If so, I am sure you would admit that these experiences can be very stressful and leave you feeling really disappointed with yourself.

Now let’s turn to the good news which is that anyone can be successful without being perfect. Let me tell you how…

Being successful without perfection.

If you find that being a perfectionist is stopping you from moving forward with your career or any other part of your life, please believe me when I say that there are ways to achieve without being perfect.

Have a think about something you would like to achieve but have not pursued for fear of failure. Perhaps it’s a career change, a promotion or a new hobby. Now have a think about how you can overcome your fear of failure. Read the following five ways which will enable you to move forward and achieve what you want to achieve:

  1. Stop thinking ‘I am not good enough’ and start thinking ‘I am good enough’. Nobody is perfect!
  2. Be constructive and don’t worry too much about the detail. Instead ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? Accept that we all make mistakes and use these to help you move forward (rather than feeling rubbish about yourself). How can you do it better next time?
  3. Be kind to yourself and lower your standards. You can still set high standards but make them achievable.
  4. What small step can you now take? Allow for some imperfection!
  5. Celebrate your achievements! Enjoy it!

Remember, you can be excellent without being perfect!

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