Is it time to stop blaming other people?


It always seems to be someone else’s fault

I am sure you all know someone who always blames someone else when things go wrong. If they had a bad appraisal, it was the fault of their boss. If they had an argument at home, it was the fault of their partner. If they were late for an appointment, someone else had delayed them. It is never their fault.

Sometimes other people or organisations are to blame when things go wrong but here I am talking about day to day problems. Those problems that can be dealt with quickly by blaming someone else and avoiding having to do anything about it.

I attract dramas everywhere I go!

People who deal with problems this way are often surrounded by dramas. Everywhere they go, something happens for them to moan about. They do not take responsibility for their own actions and therefore nothing changes and they simply move on to the next crisis creating a life of drama for themselves.

Gradually, their life becomes increasingly stressful and their view of other people becomes extremely negative. Negativity and stress prevent us from moving forward and creating the life that we desire.

I want to create a stress free life!

What can you do to limit the dramas you experience in your life?

Next time you experience a problem, take a deep breath and stop yourself from immediately looking for someone else to blame. Instead, have a think about how your actions may have affected the outcome. Were you entirely blameless?!

Now think about what you can do to prevent or overcome these problems from happening again in the future. Take control of the situation.

Perhaps the actions of others were partly to blame but can you control this? No, probably not. If you rely solely on other people to rectify mistakes, change may never happen and you may be making life harder than it needs to be.

It is all about taking control, and giving yourself the power to make your life better. (You can also then take the credit for when things go right!)

When you take responsibility for your actions and control of the outcome, you will limit the dramas you experience and improve your life for the better.

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