Don’t give up on your career!


Have you ever felt like a failure? You may remember an incident as if it happened yesterday. We’ve all been there! I can certainly think of a few times in my life when I have felt like this.

Feelings of failure can be very difficult to overcome. We often cling on to negative experiences, using them to justify beliefs that we are not good enough. We can be very hard on ourselves.

Unfortunately, these negative beliefs can set us up to fail. They can prevent us from doing the things we want to do achieve, especially in our careers. They also cause low self-esteem and perfectionism, making us feel miserable. We can miss some amazing opportunities through feeling like this.

‘Do not be afraid!’

As we prepare for 2016 Christmas, we will hear this phrase from the Nativity story a lot over the next few weeks so how about using it to help you move forward with your career journey. It may not be quite as dramatic as the Nativity but imagine how exciting it would be to start the new year no longer being afraid to pursue your dream career.

I know it can be difficult to overcome feelings of failure. However, it is possible and perhaps Christmas is the best time to start challenging those feelings.

Can you find the courage now to overcome your fear of failure?

How you answer this question is your choice. You can choose to end 2016 dwelling on past negative experiences or you can choose to challenge your feelings, learn from your past experiences and enter 2017 with a new positive vision of yourself and hope for your career.

Taking responsibility to change your beliefs will enable you to experience all the amazing opportunities the (career) world can offer.

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