How to get a new job now – The three Ps!


How to plan your job search strategy and make use of all the resources available to you to enable you to get the best job for you.

Is it becoming impossible to get a new job?

The job market is tough – we know this because we read and talk about it all the time. People are struggling to find new jobs and are becoming impatient and fed up. However, getting a new job is not impossible. You may simply need to expand your job search strategy to get the job you want.

Your Job Search Strategy

We can often be in such a hurry to jump ship that we forget about our job search strategy and all the resources available to help us. We end up limiting our opportunities meaning our job search will take longer and our chances of finding the right job will be harder.

Take the time now to focus on your job strategy using The Three Ps.

Planning: It is important to plan your job search, ensuring you use all the resources available to you. Be organised and maintain a record of everything.

Positivity: Go for it! Don’t get disheartened when you receive rejections. It will probably mean that job is not right for you and there is a better one around the corner.   If you focus on the negatives, you will only see the negatives. Having a positive focus is the best way to achieve positive results. Patience: Don’t expect a new job to come to you. Finding a new job can be time consuming. Giving your job search the time it deserves will enable you to move forward efficiently.

Planning, positivity and patience will help you get the best job for you.

Please read my new Job search strategy factsheet, ’10 Effective Job Search Strategies’ for further help on the resources you can use to expand and enhance your job search.

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