How to improve your job search


Making the most of the resources available to you in your job search

You have spent months looking for your ideal job and seem to be getting nowhere fast. What is going on? You have spoken to numerous recruitment agencies and applied for lots of jobs but have had little success. You just can’t seem to find the right job.

What more can you do?

Perhaps it is time to review your approach and, in particular, the resources you are using. There are many resources available but are you using them all?

Have a look at this list and answer honestly which job search resources you are using:

  1. Job banks – are your receiving email alerts?
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Specialist Interest Groups
  4. Speculative Approaches – approaching potential employers for opportunities
  5. The job vacancy page on the website of targeted employers.
  6. Networking – to open up further contacts
  7. Job advertisements (online and otherwise)

You should be using a balance of all of these resources and ensure you are not simply focusing on the quick options. Looking for a job does take time and it is important that you take a thorough approach.

If it is all getting too much, perhaps take a break first and start your new approach when feeling refreshed.

With some organisation, you can do it!

Ensure you are using a variety of resources to assist you in your job search.

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