Trainee Solicitor Leavers

Coaching to enable trainee solicitors to succeed after leaving the firm

Tessa Armstrong Associates offers a professional and specialised coaching programme to enable trainee solicitors to secure a role upon qualification. The programme provides trainees with the emotional and practical support needed to enable them to maximise their career opportunities and move on with confidence into an engaging and fulfilling role as quickly as possible.

A typical programme consists of an exploration of the trainee’s ambitions, skills, interests and personality to enable them to develop a clear idea of their career direction. The trainee will be helped to put a job search strategy in place and to investigate realistic options for the future. Support will be given throughout the job search and application process.

With a background in the legal sector, we understand the importance of your reputation and the financial needs and demands of your business and will work with you to provide the best service for your trainee solicitors as they leave the firm. We currently work with solicitors to expand their potential within the legal sector and our additional non-legal sector experience enables us to provide guidance for those seeking alternative career options.


Coaching Packages
Email to arrange a time to discuss your firm’s requirements.


‘Thank you so much for your support during my career transition.  I am now in control of where I want my working life to take me, which is a result of your insight, excellent guidance and the creative and positive focus you inspire. You helped me to connect with what is really important to me and allowed me to move confidently towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career.’

Solicitor, London


Investing in our specialised coaching programme will ensure your trainee leaver achieves success and fulfilment in their career.