Secondary Schools


Enabling the students to develop an enhanced understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve in their careers as well as how they are going to get there.

Tessa Armstrong offers a specialised coaching programme for Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are starting to identify and pursue the best suited career options for them.  The programme provides students with the support to help them move confidently towards a fulfilling and successful career.


Navigating the world of careers is becoming increasingly complex and deciding on the best suited career path can be a challenge.  It is now more important than ever for young people to receive guidance and support to enable them to make the best decisions to maximise their future career opportunities.

As well as studying for their GCSEs and A-Levels, your students are starting to make these important decisions about their career through, amongst other things, subject choices and higher education, work experience or employment options.  You want to encourage and support each individual student to ensure they maintain a high standard of work during these critical years as well as make confident, meaningful and informed decisions about their future career.


Tessa Armstrong provides a professional coaching service with programmes tailored to meet the needs of your school which supports the students to make the best choices about their future and move on confidently.

Using powerful coaching models, Tessa will enable your students to understand who they are and what they want to achieve in life and how to get there.  It will include an exploration of their ambitions, skills, interests and personality to enable them to identify a clear idea of achievable career goals.  The students will be supported to become motivated and inspired to commit to the actions required, enriching their school experience.


The benefits for your students

  • Increase in confidence and self-awareness.
  • Clarity and focus on future career.
  • An outside voice to relate to.

The benefits for your school

  • Provide students with a meaningful experience.
  • Reduces time pressure on staff.
  • Enhance the school’s reputation for careers guidance.



YEAR 10 Building strong self-awareness and self-esteem to encourage the students to start exploring suitable career options that will best suit their personality and allow them to fulfil their potential.
YEAR 11 Building on the Year 10 Programme to enable the students to think more carefully about their future career options by encouraging strong links to be made between their personality and suitable career options, as well as identifying challenges to overcome and the practical steps involved to achieve their future career vision.
YEAR 12 To enable the students to make informed and meaningful decisions about their future career options based on their skills, interests, values and personality, moving them towards a fulfilling and successful career that is best suited to their personality and potential.

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‘Thank you so much for all the wonderful support, it really came at a necessary time when I had so many important decisions to make and needed some focus and guidance on how to go about making the right ones.  Thanks to your insight, understanding, and positivity, I now feel that I am more confident and capable to make the choices that will most benefit me, whether it’s regarding my short- and long-term career goals, finishing school, or my overall future plans.  It’s definitely been an invaluable experience for which I am very grateful.’ 

KL, London