School Programmes





In addition to career and performance coaching, Tessa has a passion for improving the education, development and psychological well-being of children and young people to enable them to fulfil their true potential.

Her carefully created coaching programmes for primary and secondary school fulfils this passion, providing confidence coaching to primary school children and career coaching for secondary school students.

Linking her interests in psychology, coaching, counselling, education and children has always been of prime importance for Tessa by developing her skills in these areas through training as well as additional paid or voluntary work.  Prior to gaining qualifications in coaching and NLP, Tessa completed an Introduction to Counselling Course at Warwick University and the Place2Be Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills for Working with Children.   More recently, she has taken courses in Depression and Low Mood in Young People, Psychology and Mental Health and Anxiety, Depression, CBT and is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner.

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The Coaching Programmes



Career Coaching for Secondary Schools

Tessa’s specialised career coaching programmes are for year 10, 11 and 12 students to inspire and encourage them to achieve success and fulfilment in their future careers.  The programmes help them to make informed choices about their future career options, realise their full potential and have the self-awareness and confidence to create the career they desire.

‘With over nine years of career coaching experience, having previously worked as a solicitor, I have the benefit of being able to provide objective support and guidance to enable GCSE and A-Level students to be open to expanding their career aspirations as they move towards higher education and employment and later becoming an advocate for your school.  A positive experience of career guidance through coaching will achieve a positive outcome for both the school and the students.’ (Tessa Armstrong)



My Space 4 Me (Primary School Confidence Coaching Programme)


Tessa’s specialist SPACE programme is part of My Space 4 Me and provides primary school children with the support and resources to help them be the best they can be by building self-esteem and confidence so that they can be helped to learn and develop in all aspects of their life in to confident adults.

‘As an experienced and accredited career and performance coach, I am aware that the root of many confidence, anxiety and well-being issues stem from childhood experiences (in and out of school) which have hindered the ability to learn, participate in activities and engage with others.  I recognise the importance of children and young people receiving specialist interventions during their school life to help them overcome emotional or social problems and cope with uncertainty enabling them to grow into confident adults.’  (Tessa Armstrong)