Performance & Confidence at Work Coaching for Lawyers

Are you a solicitor or lawyer struggling to perform well at work and unsure how to overcome the challenges you face? Are you experiencing long working hours and a poor work-life balance?  Are you feeling stressed and unsure what to do?

As a lawyer, you face unique challenges at work. You manage a case load, face billable hour targets and are expected to meet extremely high standards in everything you do. Dealing with these challenges can be difficult.

You may be:

  • Starting a new legal job.
  • Seeking partnership.
  • Moving into a partnership role.
  • Feeling stressed at work or lacking confidence.
  • Struggling to meet your targets.


Tessa Armstrong Associates’ Performance at Work Coaching Programme for Lawyers

corporateWe offer a four session career coaching programme for lawyers to enhance your performance and confidence at work and help you succeed, with the expert guidance of Tessa Armstrong (a non-practising solicitor).  This programme helps you to resolve the challenges you face and reduce feelings of stress, increasing the control you have over your working life.


The career coaching programme includes:

  • Practical career development techniques and coping strategies.
  • Confidence Building.
  • Time Management Skills.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Networking Skills.


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How can Tessa’s Career Coaching Programme help me?

Contact Tessa now using the link below and she will be happy to discuss your needs in a free career coaching consultation and provide more detail about how she can help you.