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  Enabling Children to be the best they can be at school by building   self-esteem and confidence

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Tessa Armstrong offers a specialised coaching programme for primary school aged children who are starting to make sense of the world, who they are and their abilities.  The programme provides children with the support and resources to help them have the confidence to achieve what they want to achieve and fulfil their true potential.

Primary school children have a lot to think about, understand and remember and coping with certain aspects of school life can be hard, making them feel anxious and uncertain.

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Evidence shows that mental health issues are rising and wellbeing deteriorating in children and young people.

It is now more important than ever for young children to receive guidance and support to build their self-esteem and enable them to enjoy learning about themselves and the world as they develop into confident young people.

The SPACE Programme

SPACE is a specialised coaching programme written and delivered by Tessa to help fulfil this need as part of a school’s mental health and wellbeing programmes, providing primary school children with the skills to cope with all aspects of school life.  It is delivered through 1:1 sessions, small groups or as a whole class.

There are five sections which take the children through a goal setting process.

SPACE model

The overall impact of the programme is to improve self-esteem and confidence levels in children so that they develop the ability to show the world (at home and in school) who they are and to feel accepted for who they are, especially amongst peers and teachers, enabling the child to be the best they can be.

About Tessa 

‘As an experienced and accredited career and confidence coach, I have extensive experience of helping individuals improve self-esteem and confidence as well as overcome anxiety and wellbeing issues.  Over the years, through voluntary work and study, I have developed a growing passion for using my skills to positively impact the development and wellbeing of children and young people and now work in schools providing my coaching services.  I believe that a positive experience of coaching will enable children to be resilient, positive and confident as they strive to be the best they can be.’

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