Legal Profession Testimonials


“Thanks again for all your help!  I really appreciate the work you have done with me”

Hannah Wilkinson. February 2019


“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve accepted a job as Project Coordinator for International Compliance with an eco-company, managing recycling obligations for large companies.  Something completely different and I’m really looking forward to it!  Thanks again for your help and encouragement.  There is life after law.”

Anonymous, December 2017


‘My career was not moving in a positive direction, and I had been feeling unhappy after two redundancies I experienced in less than one year. And whilst the redundancies were out of my control, they were a further negative impact on advancing my career, so thought that career coaching would help me see things more clearly.

Working with Tessa was far more than I thought it would be. I am still a work in progress, but she helped me see some underlying patterns of thinking that were having a negative impact on my moving forward. She also provided me with a systematic process of looking at career options and how to move forward to achieve them.  I have found a new role with a great company and I am studying in order to bring about the change I want to see in my career. I also feel more confident that I can better handle any bumps in the road…and there are always bumps in the road!’

Kate G, April 2019


‘Tessa coached me through a difficult crossroads in my legal career. I thoroughly recommend her as a coach. Her approach to coaching is sympathetic and supportive but at the same time realistic and commercial. There are times when it is extremely helpful to have somebody objective to support you and at times like that Tessa has the skills needed to help.’

Anonymous, January 2016


‘Thank you so much for your support and advice during my career transition. Although I already had a hunch that I would enjoy teaching when I had my first coaching session with you, I feel I couldn’t have made the break away from my legal career and made my first successful steps in my new career in teaching without adopting the creative and positive focus you inspire. I feel that I have broken down the ties that bind and am now feeling very liberated. I am now in control of where I want my working life to take me, which is a result of your insight and excellent guidance throughout the series of our six coaching sessions. You helped me to connect with what is really important to me and allowed me to move confidently towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career.’

Joanne Leach, September 2010


‘I have done what I said I would do as the next stage in my career and moved in-house. I ended up with 3 offers so it was worth it in the end! It was a really good experience to go through and has improved my confidence. I have done a couple of days in my new job and I am really enjoying it.’

KM, November 2013


‘Having had six sessions of career coaching with Tessa I now feel a lot more confident and excited about changing career and how to go about it. Tessa really pushed me to focus on what was important to me and really drew out of me what I want to do and how to kick-start the process of moving into a completely new direction. I found Tessa to be very intuitive and perceptive, but what was most important was that she herself had gone through this process and so could give a fully-informed guidance. Through all the discussion and evaluation Tessa has shown me that the only obstacles that are in the way are the ones that I have put up myself. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in and also made me do!’

William Taylor, 2011


‘Just thought I’d let you know that I got the promotion to associate. I would not have gone for it without your encouragement and help so I wanted to say thank you again.’

Solicitor, 2012


‘I just wanted to say thank you for your time and all the guidance you have given me.  Your templates are practical and help me to focus and explore.  In speaking with you, it’s been helpful for me to normalise the things I have been/am dealing with.  I can then face them and take steps to move on. Thank you for your friendly, encouraging, practical and professional approach.

It has been challenging at times but I am glad that I committed to and undertook the coaching programme.  I have definitely benefitted from it and I would recommend you to others.’

Anonymous, December 2013

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