Services for Employers

Would you like to improve productivity and retention within your organisation?

In the current economic climate, succeeding in business against your competitors can be tough. There are so many demands one of which is keeping invaluable employees, a vital component in ensuring skill and productivity remain high and recruitment costs remain low.


Tessa Armstrong Associates can relieve organisations of this demand and assist in developing talented employees. We provide a coaching service that focuses on enhancing the skills and performance of employees leading to increased productivity and retention.

We are confident in working with organisations to develop their employees to reach their true potential. With experience in both the private and public sectors, we have a unique insight of knowing what works and what doesn’t.  Coaching will ensure that your employees’ aspirations and opportunities are matched to those of the wider organisation so that engagement remains high and talent is retained and recruitment costs kept to a minimum.


Coaching Programmes

We will tailor each programme in accordance with the individual’s needs and provide support and challenge throughout our coaching programmes, underpinned by facilitating results. We cover:

  • Outplacement Support: Enabling your employees to move on and discover the next career opportunity.
  • Performance and Development Coaching: Practical career development techniques and coping strategies to succeed at work.
  • Confidence and Communication: Providing additional support for employees in their day to day roles.
  • Career Transition: Supporting your employees in their careers so that they develop to their true potential and establish visions for the future.
  • Returning to work: Enabling a smooth transition back to work after a break.


Coaching Packages
Email to arrange a time to discuss the coaching needs of your company or organisation.