Changing Legal Specialism Coaching for Lawyers

Tessa Armstrong’s Career Advancement Coaching Programme for Lawyers will help you to discover which areas of law suit you and how to change specialism.


When you were approaching qualification as a trainee solicitor did you spend time assessing your strengths, interests and motivations to identify which area of law you were best suited to in your legal career? 

Are you now a qualified solicitor and wondering whether a change in legal specialism or law firm would be the best decision for you?

Are you considering a move as an in-house solicitor?

Are you feeling stressed at work or lacking confidence in your current legal practice area?

Whether you are considering changing legal specialism or law firm, we can help and guide you through our Career Coaching Programmes for lawyers  and solicitors as you find the best legal specialism or law firm for you.

The career coaching programme for solicitors and lawyers will be tailored to meet your needs with the expert guidance of Tessa Armstrong, (a non-practising solicitor). We can provide an assessment of skills, interests and values to help guide your decision making and identification of the ‘best-fit’ area of law for you.  We can provide specialist support for changing specialism and assist with job hunting strategies.

“I thought I would send you a quick email update on my progress since our last session. The big news is that as of yesterday I have formally accepted a job offer!. I am so delighted and excited and wanted to thank you again for your guidance and support throughout my career change. It has been invaluable and it’s all coming together. I am really pleased!. I felt really confident going into the interview knowing what I wanted and what I was good at. I regularly think back to our session and look at the materials we collated together. It has all been so useful.” 

Heather, May 2021

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How can Tessa’s Career Coaching Programme help me?

Contact Tessa now using the link below and she will be happy to discuss your needs in a free career coaching consultation and provide more detail about how she can help you.