Career Change Coaching for Lawyers

Are you a lawyer or solicitor looking for a career change from law and need help finding a fulfilling career? 

We know it can be daunting searching  for a career change from the legal profession.  You may be finding it hard identifying your transferable skills and unsure what the world of work has to offer outside of law.   Perhaps you are seeking a career change, returning to work after a career break, facing redundancy or wanting a better work-life balance.  Whatever your circumstances, you will be faced with lots of questions:

How do I know what I can do with my skills and interests?  Do I have transferable skills?

How do I find out about different jobs – I don’t know what is out there?

How do I know what jobs will suit me?

How can I give my confidence a boost, I am struggling to stay positive about my career?


Tessa Armstrong Associates’ Career Change Coaching Programme for Lawyers (also known as the Career Advancement Programme)

Tea ModelWe offer a six session coaching programme based on Tessa’s established career coaching model (as set out in her published book ‘The Tea Model: Slowing down in a fast-paced world to find the career you love’).  This coaching programme for lawyers is structured to help you answer all your questions and achieve the best career path for you with the expert guidance of Tessa Armstrong (a non-practising solicitor).

There are three stages to the Career Change and Career Advancement coaching programme:

    Understanding who you are and what you want from your career. Including an intensive assessment of sellable skills, interests and values.
    Identifying and exploring suitable career options and job ideas. Including guided decision-making and identification of ‘best-fit’ career.
    Creating a plan of action to achieve your chosen career path. Including strategic job hunting techniques such as networking skills, CV’s and interview technique.


‘Thank you so much for your support and advice during my career transition. Although I already had a hunch that I would enjoy teaching when I had my first coaching session with you, I feel I couldn’t have made the break away from my legal career and made my first successful steps in my new career in teaching without adopting the creative and positive focus you inspire. I feel that I have broken down the ties that bind and am now feeling very liberated. I am now in control of where I want my working life to take me, which is a result of your insight and excellent guidance throughout the series of our six coaching sessions. You helped me to connect with what is really important to me and allowed me to move confidently towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career.’

Joanne Leach, September 2010

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How can Tessa’s Career Coaching Programme help me?

Contact Tessa now using the link below and she will be happy to discuss your needs in a free career coaching consultation and provide more detail about how she can help you.